Increase in the demand of energy sources, the rates of electricity have gone higher. Pollution and heat generated by the energy production are having a bad impact on the climate.

This all scenario made people think about green energy production. By doing this they were able to save energy bills and the environment at the same time. This green energy became a trend and revolutionized the industries of the world. As an impact, everyone was shifting to greener products which were energy-saving, cost-effective, and reduce their dependency on the grid.

Solar Air Cooler As revolution or Solution

Air cooler Industry was not the exception. Companies started making the coolers which were less energy consuming and were able to work on the low voltage levels, Solar panels were used to power these new high-tech machines which made them an independent product, hence Solar Air Cooler was Created. This was the answer of humanity to the global warming. Solar Air cooler soon became the need of the market and many companies started their own research and development to increase its efficiency and usability.

Solar Air Cooler Structure

Structure-wise solar air cooler is not much different from other desert coolers or swamp coolers. The main difference is the difference of voltages on which they can work, other than size and Horsepower of the motor.

Usually, Solar Air coolers are smaller in size and have less air throw, but their energy consumption is very low as compared to the other coolers. Solar Air Coolers Also work on the same evaporation system as a swamp cooler. In fact, it is a smaller swamp cooler.

It has a water container with a small water motor in it. The water motor showers the water onto the cooling pads, the water drips down from the pad making it wet and collected in the storage tank, from where it is again showered by the motor. Three sides of the cooler are fitted with cooling pads while on the fourth side there is a fan or centrifugal blower. This blower blows the air out of the cooler decreasing the pressure inside the cooler, hot air from outside enters the cooler through the cooling pads to neutralize the decreasing pressure inside. This way the air is cooled down several degrees and supplied out of the cooler by the blower. This cycle continues and cool air is supplied.

Solar Cooler Performance

The performance of the cooler depends upon the design of the cooler. The coolers cool down the air from 10-20 °C depending on their design. Some coolers need very low maintenance because of the quality of cooling pads and some need high maintenance because of low-quality material or bad design.

Solar Cooler Problems & Issues

The main problems with this machine are that it can cool down limited area if the area is large more units are required because it is a low powered unit and has limited supply capacity due to its smaller motors. The other issue is mineral scaling which is present in the water which is mostly salt which sticks on the pad walls to become layers, which reduces the efficiency of the cooler, this scaling slowly blocks the air eventually blocking all out, and then it is needed to be replaced.

Some companies came out with their own ideas for solving these issues, and they have succeeded considerably. The middle eastern company “Windmason” came up with the unique ideas to solve these problems. They stop scaling of minerals through magnetic ionization, for this purpose they use special magnets. Another way is to draw out some water from the tanks after an interval of time to stop minerals from collecting in the tub or to stop TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) number of Water from becoming very high.

Research and Development is a never ending field and companies make their product better and better each day, the one makes a thing the other develops better and humanity keeps benefiting, that’s a healthy competition.