Air coolers are the need of today, especially for the people now live in the areas with dry warm weather and have to travel a lot. They can make the environment better and also give the ease of portability. So you can carry them wherever you go, for example, you are going to a desert camp for hunting or to a village where no A/Cs are installed or much more, there are no arguments about its benefits.

Generally, Portable Air Conditioners are small in size and do not have any extra components. They are just “plug and use” type products. Just plug them where you need cooling and unplug them to take away.

How Portable Air Conditioners Work

It works by sucking hot air out of the building and blowing cool air in so that the temperatures remain as desired. It does the cooling with the help of fluids that change their state in the cooling process. It uses an exhaust hose to throw the warm air out of the building. It has two types of systems:

  • Single Hose Air Conditioner
  • Double Hose Air Conditioner

Like many other conditioning systems, the portable air conditioners also have the air filter at the air input to remove dust from the air. Then this air is flown through the coil containing cooling agents which cools down the air. The heat from the air is transferred to the liquid cooling agents turning them into vapors while the cool air is supplied to the room.

When the air with moisture passes by the coils containing cooling agents it cools down moisture too, turning the moisture into liquid water drops. These water drops on the coil start dripping down. There is a small carriage under the Coil which collects the water and drains it out of the Air Conditioner through a pipe.

This all functionality is packed into a single small in size pack with wheels on it and is called Portable Air Conditioners. A very useful device.