What is an HVAC system

HVAC System is short for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning System. The combination of machines which work together to maintain the desired temperature and climate is simply called HVAC system. In other words, it is a full fledge climate control system, which could be installed in any building to control the climate or to minimize the climate affects within the building.

HVAC system consists of Air Supply units & Air ventilation units which are installed in such a way that they help in maintaining the indoor environment of the building. Many different types of machines are used to perform this job. The other side jobs of this system are dehumidifying the air, cleaning the air and fresh air circulation. The main categories of HVAC system components are:

  • Cool Air Supplier
  • Warm Air Supplier
  • Dehumidifier
  • Ducting
  • Insulation
  • Exhaust Fans

HVAC System Types

  • Window A/C or Split A/C
  • Package Heater or Air Conditioner
  • Central Air Conditioning System

HVAC system is one of the most energy consuming element of a building whether it is a house, office, shopping mall, restaurant, warehouse or where-ever it could be installed. Controlling the climate has become very easy by these days, you can just install one of these systems and forget about it. These systems now come with digital chip control and LCDs so that you can change the settings according to your need.

The latest advancements in this field are Energy saving & green Technologies which are in their evolution phase and are tailored specifically to save energy. The best of such examples is “Windmason” an HVAC System solutions Production Company situated in the middle-east which provides the revolutionary HVAC system which saves up to 80% energy while providing supply temperature of less than 17 °C. Hence solving the biggest energy consumption problem.

Efficient HVAC System

The energy efficient HVAC system has different types of cooling methods with different efficiencies such as:

  • Single stage cooling.
  • Two stage cooling.
  • Selective spot cooling.
Single Stage Cooling

In single stage cooling air is passed through cooling pads to reduce its temperature significantly, the cooling pads use water flow through them to cool down. This method makes supply air temperature drop down 10-15 °C from the input air temperature and mainly comprises two energy consuming components which are blower fan & Water pump, they both consume very less energy and the cooling they provide is fine but not too satisfactory. This type of machine is also called Swamp cooler or Desert cooler. This is used in the area where high performance could be sacrificed in favor of very low energy consumption. This is ideal for the place where cooling requirements are not much higher and budget is very low. This machine has a very low price and even lower running and maintenance costs.

Two Stage Cooling

Two stage cooling is a bit more complex than single stage cooling. It has two stages instead of one. At first stage water is passed from a radiator and air is passed through it which cools the water down the air is blown out as it becomes hot in the process. At second stage the water cooled at first stage is transferred to the other tank in the second stage, that water is then circulated through a heat exchanger coil and hot air from outside is passed through the coil which drops the air temperature 10-15 °C then this air is passed from cooling pads which dropping the temperature further 10-15 °C resulting a significant fall in Supply air temperature, but as the components running in the system are more than that of an ordinary Swamp cooler or Desert cooler, the energy consumption is also higher but still very much low as compared to the old-fashioned Compressor cooled HVAC system.
By the advent of this method, HVAC system industry is having a revolution going on and research work is still in its evolution to make these methods more efficient and reliable eventually removing the dependency on the compressor.

Spot Cooling

Another good idea to save energy in cooling is to use Specific spot cooling Design which is not just a machine but a whole method which if followed can bring efficiency in air conditioning, it can have different way in applying as per the requirement of the area, this is a whole plan to be followed from the beginning of the construction of the project.
Commonly, in this method only some spots are selected for air throw instead of the whole area and only some selected spots are fitted with exhaust fans according to the already made plan. Mostly the exhausts are placed above the heat generation source inside the building and air throw spots are mostly places where people will sit or work. This method is very efficient and cost-effective in using minimum Air conditioning sources to give maximum output.

An HVAC system helps to get rid of pollutants and make the air fresh in which we can breathe comfortably. Having an HVAC system also ensures that we can keep a comfortable temperature in our home no matter what the outside temperature is.

We are one of the leading HVAC system manufacturers in KSA. Our HVAC systems are generally deployed in large industrial buildings, apartment blocks, skyscrapers, and large interior environments. These systems are also a crucial component of environments where there are certain health regulations requiring the temperature and humidity to be kept at specified levels. We can be reached at any time and do give us a chance to serve you.