We are counted amongst the top-notch desert cooler manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Our desert air coolers are designed in compliance with pre-defined industry standards, we offer these coolers to our clients in all standard sizes and specifications. Equipped with dimensionally accurate fans and precision-engineered pumps, the desert coolers offered by us deliver higher cooling for a longer duration. We are also a notable portable desert cooler manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. The range of desert cooler starts from 1 HP to 25 Hp or starting from 4000CFM to 50000 CFM all sizes are available The entire range provided by us with dust filters Rustproof Body and heavy Duty noiseless operations, and seamless performance. Offering our coolers at industry leading prices, we at Windmason assure its smooth operation.

Cool, fresh, desert air cooler and pleasant cooling solution engineered with confidence to provide energy efficient coolingCooling Pad without compromise.

  •  Longer life of cooling pads
  • Easy & accessible maintenance
  • Can be used as a cooling tower
  • Easy installation
  • Inverter Technology to save water & power by 40% (optional)

Desert Air Cooler Cooling Pads

Best possible results are achieved through evaporative cooling. Air passes through water-soaked cooling Pads becoming cooler.Our new technology prevents salt from making the layer on cooling pads, thus very less maintenance is needed and pads live longer with better results.

Desert Air Cooler Salient Features

desert coolers
Weather master (also known as desert cooler, swamp cooler, wet air cooler, evaporative cooler etc.) is the machine which cools down air with water evaporation method. Cooling by evaporation works by exploiting the therapy of evaporation of water. The air cooler temperature comes down significantly with the help of phase transition of liquid water into vapors. This cools the air down using very less amount of energy as compared to the compressor/ refrigeration method. The areas where the climate is extremely dry, air cooling through water evaporation has some extra benefit of cooling down the air with more moisture for the comfort of building occupants.

Our Air Coolers vs Other Air coolers

We named our desert air cooler “Weather master”. And obviously it is different from other air coolers, we kept our tradition of thinking out of the box here as well. We just threw off the normal tradition of making desert coolers into the trash and started from scratch because the traditional design was very old and it had many flaws in it. We started to research and development of a new design which is free from flaws its predecessors had.

We can say that our Desert air cooler “Weather Master” is a next-generation product and a generation ahead of all available products in the market.

New Design

Before discussing our new design, just talk about the flaws the older designs had in them:desert coolers

  • Rust-catching body
  • Salt particles on Pads
  • high water consumption

We started our research and development project by keeping these issues in mind and came up with a design which was completely different and could address the issues perfectly. It was made such that it takes air from the bottom and pads are designed in such a way that they repel salt from making a layer on its outer side. The design is also rust free.

Our Product “Weather master”(desert/swamp cooler) has very low maintenance and long life of cooling pads. The design has also reduced water consumption down to a considerable level. We also make stainless steel body on customer’s requirement.


Our product “Weather master”(Desert air cooler or swamp air cooler) is now a best seller in the market and people who know the differences choose our product without any doubt, as it is better yet almost same in price. Our research and development are paying us back very well. This is very encouraging and it has boosted the morale of our Engineers.


Desert Air Coolers Specifications