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Desert Cooler

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Swamp Cooler

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Air Conditioners

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About Windmason

We manufacture Innovative Resource Saving Air Conditioners

We hold ourselves up to the highest of standards and have an immense amount of knowledge from years of experience as the Air Conditioner Manufacturer, and continue to expand our practices each and every day. We supply many local and global companies with a variety of innovative products, created with the greatest degree of precision and care.85% Energy Saving, built to last ACs for business, home, and industrial use.

super cool evaporative coolers


Our Coolants can be customised for Wifi smart devices, and scheduling can be done for required work intervals.

Energy Efficient

Every aspect of our production is based on energy saving and productivity at its best. Our coolants consume 85 % less energy.

Easy Control

The controls are designed keeping in mind the productivety of any sort of facility such as household use or industrial.

Simple Setup

Setup, after sales support is done in by our professional team, which is locally administered and well trained for the satisfactory outcomes. Maintenance is also available in contrast to the other services.

Superior Design

Design is kept simple and sleek, Also some custom colors are offered if needed.

Highly Compatible

Well compatible with almost every industrial or household location.


To revolutionize the cooling industry

Cooling products are the biggest consumers of electricity at Homes, offices, restaurants, markets, stores, warehouses and almost all the places. As they consume the most electricity, these products consume the most resources of the owner. And reducing the energy consumption of these cooling products means the reduction in overall resources usage.

If we look at the big picture, revolution in this industry alone can solve a country’s energy crisis and issues single-handedly. Thus, we realized that such products that provide cooling with limited energy consumption are worth developing. These energy efficient cooling products are good for the person using it and also good for the overall society.

Keeping this all in mind we took an initiative to make a company that will develop an array of products through a well-planned “Research and development” process. And here we are today, producing the most efficient cooling products in the market. Our products save up-to 80% energy, low maintenance, dust resistant, reduced water consumption and many more small benefits which distinguishes us from other regular old-fashioned products.
Our goal is to lead the society through this revolution out of the world of resource wastage and unnecessary energy burn. One day the whole cooling industry will be inspired by our vision until then we will keep shouting “Let’s go Green”.


Development of a machine that works in very humid areas

As you know, “Windmason” is known for developing energy efficient cooling options for the ever-demanding market, people look forward to our products to fulfill their needs. Realizing this responsibility we always try to bring something new to a new environment or a new price range to fit into the budgets of more people. This task is always challenging, doing research work development and testing is a tiring job but not for our restless team.

What are we doing now? We are developing a new product that could work effectively in humid areas. We are trying to make it as cheap as possible to make its access easy for more people, our team is working day and night and so we will be able to complete this task and try to launch this product by the end of April 2018.

We have always tried to introduce products that not only gives profit but we also plan and design considering the environmental effects that’s why our products are not only money saving but also green for nature. Yes, it earns us money but the real earning is the satisfaction we get by contributing to the society and nature.

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