Distinctive Features of 5 TR Air Cooler5 TR Coolers

  • Supply Air Temperature Less Than 17*C
  • Comfortable Humidity
  • Hot And Cool –  Optional
  • Eliminate Dust Up To 100% – Optional
  • Dust Filters – Aluminum Washable
  • Thermostat Control
  • Insulated Body Panels
  • Water Tank Automatic Clean and Drain
  • Inner Plastic Layers
  • Powder Coating Oven Backed Paint
  • High Air Static Pressure
  • Effective in Semi Arid Areas

Detailed Features of 5 TR Air Cooler

  • It cools the air in two stages. In the first stage, it cools air from 45’C to 28’C without adding humidity. When this cool dry air passes through the second stage where it been touched directly by water, it evaporates and cools further to 18’C-16’C.
  • It is equipped with the electric heater controlled by the electronic thermostat and protected by the fusible link for safety. It can provide required heat in the winter (optional).
  • Since the evaporating air is already cooled without adding humidity that is why this cooled air picks less quantity of moisture compared to direct hot air evaporating.
  • It has an option of cooling the air without dust and pollen entering the area up to 98% provides clean and cool air in the room.
  • It is equipped with aluminum washable dust filters which reduce dust in the air and ensure more clean air to the room.
  • Micro processor control with wired and wireless remote control and room thermostat. All the functions can be selected and changed by a user-friendly thermostat push button switch located inside the room.
  • All the body panels are installed. Ambient heat cannot enter to the body cabinet. This protects air from solar heat gain and ensures more energy saving.
  • The electronically controlled drain valve is provided to clean the tank by draining it on the user selected intervals. this system can be used to clean and drain the tank. The reduce salt formation & building of bacteria inside the cabinet.
  • All the panels near the wet area are fully covered by plastic layers. The water cannot touch the metallic body panels which reduce corrosion to the metallic body and increase its life.
  • is designed to work with duct distribution system. It has high static pressure fans which can push the required air up to the room easily.
  • When the outdoor air humidity increase regular desert cooler cannot provide required cooling. But super cool unit provide cooling even up to 50% humidity and provide cooling in semi arid areas where the regular cooler is not effective.
  • The A/C unit is painted by the powder coated oven baked paint.

With our upgraded technology and skills, we at Windmason are passionately involved in manufacturing, and supplying a qualitative range of 5 TR Air Cooler in Saudi Arabia. The offered range of 5 TR 2 Stage Evaporative system designed to be used in Dry and semi-arid areas. The system is provided with thermostat control and insulated body panels. It can supply air temperature of less than 17 degree Celsius when outdoor temperature is more than 45C and humidity level is less than 20 %. We offer the range of Products in standard and customized options to meet specific requirements. The entire range offered by us is acclaimed in the market for its high durability, excellent output, and robust construction. Moreover, these IDEC system are simple to operate and maintain. Clients can contact us to get 5 TR unite in KSA, Saudi Arabia. Trust us to get attractive deals on genuine products.

Technical Data

  1. Air Delivery (CFM) 2400
  2. External Static Pressure – Pascal 100
  3. Cooling Capacity – TR 5
  4. Cooling Area – m2 68
  5. Heating Capacity – KW 10
  6. Performance – EER (Btuh / W) 31
  7. Achievement of wet bulb  110%

Electric Data

  1. Volt/Hz/Ph 220/60/1
  2. Input Power – KW Cool/Hot 1.5-19
  3. Current – Amp Cooling Only 7
  4. Current – Amp Heating Only 48
  5. Water Consumption Max
  6. m2/24 Hours (Peak Temp) 0.45
  7. Weight Operating (KG) 300
  8. Net Weight (KG) 200